About Us

Just4keepers is the leading and largest goalkeeper schools internationally currently operating in 30 plus country and across 5 continents.

Since 1999 Just4keepers has been helping goalkeepers (and their parents) achieve their goalkeeping dreams and for the past 20 years, we have helped thousands of goalkeepers either get to a professional football club, become a goalkeeper coach and or gain a college scholarships in the USA!

Even though our speciality is our weekly goalkeeper training classes, for the past decade we have been running the biggest goalkeeper residential around the globe, and EVERY residential that we have ran we have successfully helped our goalkeeper students get to either a professional football club or gain a college scholarship in the USA.

On top of our goalkeeper coaching at Just4keepers, we also have are own goalkeeper agency and have one of the leading goalkeeper gloves globally, called J4K Goalkeeper gloves.

Check out some of the J4K Goalkeeper Glove designs below.