FAQ for J4K Residential:

Can parents watch training?

Yes, parents are allowed to watch, but this will be designated hours that will be advised when we have the presentation on registration day. Important: We are happy for parents to watch, but we have absolute zero tolerance towards parents who shout from the side lines. We understand as parents ourselves you want to encourage your child, but by shouting on the line spoils it for everyone. So any parent that shouts from side lines will be asked to leave.

Can parents go into the accommodation where other students stay/sleep?

It Is the school rule that no parent is allowed inside the school premises.

Can we pick up students from airports and or train stations?

Unfortunately, we cannot do this as there is a lot of work and preparation goes into running this camp, and right up to the last minute we are putting final things in place to make sure things run as smoothly as possible for our students.

What is the age limit?

The youngest goalkeeper we accept is ten years old and the oldest is eighteen years old.

What training will my child receive?

We will be covering every aspect of goalkeeper coaching from handling to crosses, to kicking. We do have a set plan in place but weather can dictate what sessions we do at times. So there might be last minute changes to the itinerary, but it will be an action-packed course and students will be given an itinerary on registration of the camp.

What happens if I need to be contacted while my child is at camp, or J4K needs to contact me/ a parent?

When you book onto J4K Residential there is a form you would have to complete, so please make sure ALL details are filled in. Also on the day of registration, you will be given the lead goalkeeper coaches contact number, so you will have a contact number if you need to speak to us about anything.

What is the J4K cancellation policy?

As parents ourselves, we understand things happen. We will try and be flexible if the unexpected happens and you can no longer attend camp. You can request a refund minus a £25 administrative fee prior to 45 days before the first day of camp. After this date, J4K will have already paid the fees up-front for your place in camp, so if you need to cancel and we cannot fill your place, we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee a refund.
Also if J4K has to cancel a venue for any reason, a full refund will be given but we cannot refund or compensate for any transportation cost or hotel expense etc that may have been booked ahead of the camp.

What Do students need to bring?

This information will all be emailed to you after booking for the J4K residential. Also please be aware that each student will get a training kit and J4K goalkeeper gloves within the course fee.

Poor Behaviour.

We have a zero tolerance to poor behaviour and especially any type of bullying. We want all students to have a wonderful experience at J4K and we will not hesitate to send a student home for poor behaviour, especially any type of bullying.


Some children get homesick but as most of the coaches are parents themselves they have a very good understating how to handle this. As our students are allowed a mobile phone, they can always be in contact with parents anyway. Parents will also have contact numbers for coaches and are most welcome to call anytime if you feel your child might be getting homesick

Parents Staying On Site

If you are a parent thinking about staying over, please make sure you read the below.

Accommodation, price is room only and there is only one parent allowed in the room, as it is single bed only. The schools have also stressed if anyone tries to sneak another person into their room, they will immediately be asked to vacate their room. No matter what time or night.

Timetable: On the day of the event, parents who are staying will be given a time table, when they can come and view the training sessions. Even though parents are welcome to watch the sessions, we will ask you to do so at a reasonable distance, as not to interfere with our sessions.

We also appreciate as parents ourselves, you sometimes want to shout out to your child when they train, but we want to be upfront and state we have a absolute zero tolerance to parents who shout when we are doing our sessions. It embarrasses their child, and it also puts off other other students and the coaches. There will be NO second warning for any parents who shouts out or interrupts our sessions, they will not only be asked to leave the field but will also be asked to vacate their room and venue.

Difficult Parents: In all the years we have ran our residentials we have had hundreds of parents, either stay over, or visit and will watch a session or two, and 99.9% have been great. However, sadly in life, there is always the 1%. We all the know parents like this sadly, and if you are that type of parent, please do not book onto this course. As much as we want parents to have a wonderful experience, we have absolute zero tolerance and no time, for any parent who thinks they can be difficult. Please remember, the residential is for the children and as parents, the school and J4K is allowing you to stay, but only if you abide by the schools and J4K rules. This way everybody has a great time.


If we have not answered your question here on this page, not a problem, we will answer more of your questions when you register. Also feel free to contact us here anytime.